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    How Many Times Have You Said To Yourself...

    I’m not good enough ….
    I’m not smart enough …
    I don’t have enough (time, money, love..)
    I don’t know if I can do it… What if I fail?
    If they only knew… I’m a fraud
    I’m not ready yet…I have to figure it all out first

    What would it be like to get rid of these conversations altogether? You CAN… with our Mind ReMapping Personal Transformation Program. This is a powerful 8 week process that helps you release the old negative emotions, fear, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome that keep you stuck. 

    Eliminate the Impact of Old Negative Emotions, Trauma, & Limiting Decisions

     What if in Just 8 Weeks You Could....

    • Eliminate old stuck emotions that keep you weighed down
      Disappear limiting beliefs and decisions about yourself, others, and the world and unleash your full potential in whatever area of life you choose
      Get rid of old conflict so you can be sure and confident that you are making the right choices for you every time
      Create and install goals into your future timeline that will activate the law of attraction and have them come to reality fast

    Heal Generational Trauma

    • Have the confidence to really put yourself out there in your career, in love, in business, in relationships
    • Be free of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you in analysis paralysis
    • Let go of the past hurt, pain and betrayal that keeps you from connecting with the people you love most
    • Shed the emotional weight of the past that could be keeping the physical weight on
    • Become a master communicator… one that attracts, inspires and motivates the people in your life
    • Activate the law of attraction in your life and produce more opportunities, income, and incredible results in your life
    • Feel like you were completely at the source of your life, and have the confidence to know that you can produce whatever results you truly put your mind to

    What Other Moms in Medicine Are Saying


    I was definitely suffering from burnout, mommy guilt, and lack of satisfaction in my career when I first went to see Dr. Maiysha for coaching. And to be honest, I probably was suffering from postpartum depression too.  I chose Dr. Maiysha because of her relatable nature as a woman physician,  and being  a previous patient of hers, I knew she was very focused on maintaining wellness and balance.  Working with Dr. Maiysha allowed me to be okay with taking time for myself and living my life on my own terms.  ~R.T.  Pediatrician

    I learned so much from Dr. Clairborne's sessions. When I first started going to her, I was stressed out and didn't know if there was a way to settle down. I was staying at work up to 2 hours past my shifts, exhausted driving home in the middle of the night, and then getting home and trying to take care of the household instead of taking time to rest first. I felt guilty for wanting to take time to rest feeling like I was neglecting my son. I was always stressed out by and irritated with my husband who just wanted to spend time with me because I was not able to set the boundary with him to allow me a little time to recover. During her sessions, I was able to let go of some of the thoughts, ideas and perceptions that was holding me back and making me hold on to things that happened to me in the past but was affecting me in the present. Because I was engaged in this process, I was able to make the hard changes necessary and move forward. I now leave work on time which gives me 2 more hours in the day to be with my son, rest, and recover. I no longer feel guilty about setting boundaries. This has made me better with my son and my husband. The staff and nurses at work even comment on my progress, and I'm better able to communicate boundaries respectfully and compassionately with patients because of this process. I would suggest Dr. Claiborne's services to anyone who is open to making changes in their life to be less stressed and more focused on what is important. I would suggest her services for anyone who wants to let go of past hurt, anxieties and problems so that they can live a good life in the present and future.  ~S. S.  Pediatric ER

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