Why Testosterone is so Important in Women

    Why Testosterone is so Important in Women
    When the general public thinks of the word, “testosterone” they tend to think of men, but we as physicians know that testosterone plays an important role in women’s health as well. 

    We’ve all met women with low testosterone levels and know that they experience a wide range of potentially serious symptoms and problems, such as: Chronic fatigue Loss of muscle strength and mass Lack of menstruation Sexual issues such as inability to orgasm or painful intercourse Depression If you are seeing women patients with these issues (or if you have them yourself) you should not just attribute these symptoms to the aging process or stress.  These types of symptoms are all too often dismissed and allowed to worsen. Low testosterone is a serious issue and should be addressed.  You know that testosterone is responsible for a wide gambit of healthy functions from physical, to sexual, to mental. A recent study by Massachusetts General Hospital showed that low dose testosterone therapy can help with many of these symptoms.  If you are treating woman with low testosterone, you should consider this as an option. If you, yourself, are feeling any of the symptoms, then you should get yourself checked to ensure your testosterone levels are at a healthy level. We must all keep ourselves in tip top shape so we can offer the most to our patients. Maiysha Clairborne, MDCopyright 8/18/2015

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